Specialist Earthworks & Water Projects

With many years experience in lake and pond construction, we offer a complete service, taking any green or brown field site and transforming it into an idyllic landscaped water feature. We offer advice and expertise at each stage of the development from concept through planning; approval, construction and long term maintenance. Difuria will assist you each step of the way. Our special purpose machines are essential in creating any water feature in the optimum amount of time; these include long reach excavators, low ground pressure dozers, floating dredgers, both small and large dumpers and also lightweight long reach excavators where access to the site is impeded by a weight limit. Water features come in many guises and over the years projects have been many and varied including waterfalls, fountains, jetties, reed beds, game and course fishing ponds, reservoirs, irrigation lakes, water stabilisation projects, river management, bank stabilisation and flood relief ditches. In fact we are happy to accommodate any special requirements a client may have.

We carry out regular maintenance on existing water features including post construction dredging of rivers and canals and large fishing ponds. We have worked for British Waterways, the Chesterfield Canal Restoration Project, Basingstoke Canal, River Don, Kennet & Avon Canal, River Dearne and Dove Canal, River Slea. Many Estates, Country Parks and private land owners utilise our services including Serlby Hall, Sherwood Park, Highfields Country Park & Birley Hay to name a few.

We have a wealth of expertise and knowledge in this area and can work on bespoke projects to create a unique construction to suit the clients own design ideas guaranteeing customer satisfaction every time.

From an industrial perspective we work regularly with local Power Stations, having worked on the Deep Berth Facility at Cottham, dredging and cleaning of Dock Areas. We construct and manage ash lagoons at Girton, High Marnham and Besthorpe and restore redundant lagoons back to natural habitat for local wildlife reserves. Cleaning of settlement ponds at Marshalls Mono Sand Quarry - Thorne and various British Sugar factories. We carry out works for local Councils; Crimpsall Sluice at Doncaster and Government bodies such as East Midlands Development Agency. We undertake routine maintenance works for inner city docks and canals including more recently the Fosse river in York, Newcastle docks, and The River Slea.

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