Drainage & Pipework Installations

Difuria Drainage & Pipework Installations

Difuria are able to supply a complete pipework solution, including the supply of materials, equipment and labour coupled with the expertise to ensure that all the works are carried out to the latest Health & Safety
Regulations. Projects are controlled at each stage with quality in mind. Our clients are wide and varied including Commercial, Industrial and Residential customers.

Types of works include:

* Road System Drains
* Gravity Sewer Drains
* Housing Development drains
* Storm / Surface Water Drains
* Deep Drainage
* Combined Storm Overflows
* Culvert Construction
* Box Culverts
* Waste Water Treatment Plants
* Perforated Pipe Laying / Land Drains
* Septic Tank Installation
* Soak-Away Installations
* Attenuation Storage Tanks
* Percolation Tests
* Weirs
* Surveys & Drainage Scheme Design
* Maintenance Works

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