In recent years, Difuria has undertaken major works to restore the former Sherwood Colliery and Besthorpe Colliery to normal use. These projects have involved bulk earthmoving and re-landscaping of these areas with careful attention to customer requirements.
Post project we have arranged the maintenance of these lands, which have included monitoring and reseeding certain areas, treatment for weeds etc.
To a certain extent, all of our Specialist Earth Works projects involve wildlife conservation and protection. When surveying possible sites we ensure that the established local wildlife is taken into consideration and plan our works accordingly.
Badger sets and otters are among the protected wildlife we have encountered and we work closely with the Environment Agency to ensure not only the survival of these species but also a minimal level of disturbance whilst work takes place.
In addition many of our lakes, ponds and other projects include special features which encourage local flora and fauna including reed beds and islands incorporated into lakes, as well as wild grass areas and trees incorporated into landscaping projects. We employ specialists to handle fish when desilting lakes.
Materials handling requires commitment and expertise to ensure the efficient movement of materials and we have experience in dealing with a number of types of material.
We have undertaken a major project of ash management at Gale Common, near Pontefract, involving movement of large quantities of ash from stockpile into lagoon embankments along with some earthmoving works.
We also carry out the harvesting and processing of cenospheres at the site.
The increasing need for safe waste disposal on landfill sites has resulted in a further demand for earthworks services that of creating waste disposal cells and capping existing cells.

Difuria has been involved in a number of projects for such works at the following landfill sites:

Bilsthorpe Landfill, Nottinghamshire
Carlton Forest Landfill, Nottinghamshire
Danehill Landfill, Nottinghamshire
Mickleby Landfill, North Yorkshire

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